Yoga mat Alchemist (1)
from €64,35

Every one of us has a personal story and personal journey

Yoga mat Blossom (1)
from €64,35

It is the moment when everything wakes up to life

Yoga mat Nordic Sun (1)
from €64,35

The magic of Scandinavia

Yoga mat Polaris (1)
from €64,35

A touch of the north

Yoga mat bag Dark

Minimalist cover for your love

Yoga mat Secrets (1)
from €64,35

Mysterious and charming

Yoga mat Memories (1)
from €64,35

Moments that are part of us

Yoga mat Cognition (1)
from €64,35

The longing moment to get to know and discover

Yoga mat Lovingness (1)
from €64,35

To fall in love and be carried away by it

Yoga mat Desire (1)
from €64,35

Desire, as an inner force that leads us on the path to our wishes


Products made and designed with love for each other and the world around us.
Design yoga mats that look good not only indoors but basically anywhere.
Yoga mats made of natural rubber is a stylish and at the same time sustainable product.


manželé tva laska podlaožka na jogu 2


We are a married couple who were looking for the ideal exercise mat until we decided to make it ourselves.
However, it is not just about her, but above all about the love and joy that we have put into her and that we want to pass on.

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