Yoga mat for kids – Fairy World

Endless happiness and pure children's joy

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A life full of boundless love, infinite happiness, and pure joy.

A fairy tale that everyone wants to experience. Magical and beautiful, this is our yoga mat Fairy World.
The mat will look so cosy in the children's room, where your babies can play on it.


This yoga mat is made of 100% natural rubber and a top layer of non-slip suede microfiber.
It's made with love and respect for the environment.


The size is specially adjusted for children.
Maintenance is so easy thanks to the possibility of gentle washing at 30°C without the use of a dryer and fabric softener.
The package contains a hand-lovingly wrapped mat in silk paper, a strap, and a small gift from us.



length: 155 cm
width: 63 cm
thickness: 4 mm

weight: 2.1 kg